What is an Engagment Manager? What do they do?


The need to stay up-to-date with required techniques is increasing with the change in the way businesses are operating these days. The successful companies expect up-to-date technological as well as management skills in their employees. It may sound disappointing as we all spend a good fortune of money and half of our lives studying in order to acquire the skills to get a job but with dynamically changing business strategies our degrees become worthless within few years. However, changing markets though require you to update skills; they also provide new job opportunities. One of the best examples of jobs created because of changing business strategies is Engagement Manager Jobs.

This blog describes who Engagement managers are, what their job requirements or responsibilities are and how engagement manager jobs are a good career choice. Furthermore, the blog also includes the most frequently asked interview questions. So if you’re trying to decide a career path or if you feel like you are in a wrong career and wants to change it; you are on right place.

Who are they

Although there is still a need for a proper or “standard” definition of an Engagement Manager, there are several definitions about the job available on the internet and most of them define them as “middle man between company and client” or more specifically “A middleman between Project Manager and Client”.

As I mentioned earlier, Enterprises are using entirely different strategies to generate revenue these days. Instead of generating revenue directly from customers, they are working with other businesses to create even bigger and better sources of income.  This new business model requires new management techniques.  This is where engagement manager comes in.

In simple words, their entire focus is on the administration of the relationship between Vendor Company and client. Engagement manager is the one who makes sure that customer’s experience with the vendor is good enough.


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